John Evelyn
Game Designer - Graphic Designer - Creative Concepts

From Concept To Execution

Graphic Design

Extensive experience working on both client and agency side.

Concepts & Consultation

I create original concepts and execute them to exacting standards.

  • Served as Lead Creative on a collaborative global campaign between Disney & Samsung.

  • Created interactive products for film campaigns from Warner to Paramount.

  • Provided consultation services to one of the best known TV production companies in the world.

  • Provided concepts for pioneering crowd-based gaming in sporting arenas.

Game Design

My current game is The Collage Atlas - as featured at EGX 2016, hosted at the Birmingham NEC

I have been designing games for 20 years.

Along the way I've created games for all kinds of audiences. Both self-publishing and working to client briefs. I've designed games to appeal to financial workers' tenacity in the face of risk, games that even the most casual audience can master...and some which are altogether more challenging.

Previous clients include Disney, Capcom, BBC, Paramount, Spil Games.

I have additional experience in tutoring and mentoring.